Popular American Clothing Fashion Brands

American Clothing Fashion Brands

Businesses dealing with such fashion brands are making a lot of sales as most people find it easy to identify with what is popular. American fashion brands are their ambassadors wherever they land.

Why Go For Popular American Clothing Fashion Brands

• You are sure the price for the brand is worth
• The products have been scrutinized and the deficiencies corrected
• You can fit in as they come with status
• The products have variety colours and trendy designs

Popular American Clothing Fashion Brands



This is the most popular brand which has been on top for years with a very large margin. Technically, Nike produces sporting goods brand. By large Nike overlaps into the world’s fashion. The brand has made a lot of sales as it is an active wear.


Abercrombie and Fitch

This is an authentic American fashion brand. The products are used worldwide. The brand deals with apparel accessories and casual wear for young consumers. The brand uses its representatives for store customer service. It is thought to have reached the maximum growth potential and has been perfected.


Tommy Hilfiger

This is the American’s classy fashion with a refreshing taste for men, women and children. Tommy Hilfiger is a very good example of a designer label. Hilfiger has continued to raise its popularity by maintaining multiple fashion lines on casual clothes and preppy styles of the youths. This has been used by most American icons.


Levis Fashion Brand

This has emerged to be the leading jeans brand and has gained the international status flooding the market with its designer apparel. Their products may include; jeans, shoes, shirts, vests, skirts among others. The brand has been appreciated worldwide because of its perfect fit. The fashion is often customer oriented to ensure customer satisfaction.


Under Armour

Behind this brand is the motivation to assist athletes and all sports personalities. Apart from producing foot wares and other related sport hardwares, the company also manufactures products for winter sports. With the innovative ideas, Adidas has placed athletes to new heights of performance internationally.


Marks Spencer

This is a brand whose history can be traced back in 1884. The fashion store developed over the years and had opened small stall. There had also been a partnership which was dissolved with the demise of Tom Spencer. Later after the death of Michael Marks the brand had to be managed by the successive generations of both parties. They have an autograph designer collection meant for women who want designer clothing at affordable rates.


Ralph Lauren

This is a name that cannot be forgotten when it comes to fashion. Its popularity is based on the brand’s capabilities to beautify people with its exotic designs. Their shirts and jeans have become very popular. They have a unique collection of ties under the Polo Label, maiden perfumes and handbags. The brand has demonstrated splendid designs.

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