Wholesale Used Women Jeans Clearance

Wholesale Women Jeans Grade 1 on Sale!

Wholesale Women Jeans Grade 1 on Sale! Start the New Year together with A&E Clothing! We have prepared a special offer for our customers on Used Wholesale Women Jeans! Our products are good quality, clean womens jeans with no flaws or tears! Call us now & order your shipment before the offer is gone! A&E Clothing Read more about Wholesale Women Jeans Grade 1 on Sale![…]

Summer shoes on sale!

Summer Used Shoes Available!

Summer Used Shoes Available! A&E Clothing offers a large variety of used shoes, a collection specially intended for hot and tropical climate regions like Africa, Middle East or South America. Second hand shoes are packed in 50lbs bags as a mix for women, men and kids. Shoes are in good condition, with no holes and little tear. This Read more about Summer Used Shoes Available![…]

A&E Clothing Mixed Rags

Baled Mixed Rags on-sale!

Mixed Rags on-sale! Mixed rags, sometimes also called institutional rags are a category of clothing collected from donations, charities, and stores. They contain items that failed to sale in charity thrift shops. They were either hung for too long or were unable to sell due to imperfections like stains, missing buttons, fades. We work with Read more about Baled Mixed Rags on-sale![…]