5 Reasons To Buy Used Kids Clothes

used kids clothes

As kids begin to grow older, their bodies start changing and progressing into bigger sizes of clothing. It seems like as soon as a parent turns around, their child is outgrowing their clothing again. This can become expensive, especially for those individuals who have more than one child. This is why there are so many of us who buy used kids clothes for our children. There isn’t a family out there who has recycled their clothes within their family and friends who have children who need clothes as well. If the used kid clothing fit the size of your child and are the right size, then there isn’t a single individual who deny these clothes. There are so many reasons as to families do this, and there are also many reasons why buying used kids clothing is better and more beneficial for families to look into.

Growing Quickly

When you are looking to purchase used kids clothes, when you buy them from a yard sale, or have them handed down to your child, you will be able to get clothing that are sized ahead and for the upcoming season. This is beneficial for you since you will not be over-spending on new clothing. When you are needing to replace your child’s wardrobe, instead of running out to the mall and spending way too much on clothes, shop smart and head to the thrift store instead. This will allow for you to save money, and also return home with more clothing than you would at a regular warehouse store. A nice aspect of buying used clothing is that you will be able to pass them on to friends and family once your child has outgrown these clothes.

Variety Of Clothing

When shopping for used clothing, you will be able to find that there is much more of a variety in the clothes that you can purchase. Therefore, when it is picture day at your child’s school, you won’t have to worry about if another child has the same outfit, or the same shirt, in their classroom. The thrift stores inventory of clothing is continuously changing, therefore, you will pass on a lot of the clothing you can find in these stores, but you will also be able to find a lot of “gems” and outfits that your child will have as a favorite. Make sure when you are shopping for second hand clothes, that the styles that you pick are the “in” styles of the times. Just because you are shopping for used clothes does not mean that you can’t find clothing that is in style.


Everyone knows that children makes a lot of messes and their clothes will become dirty or ruined. When you shop for used clothing items, if your child wears the outfit for the first time and stains it or ruins it, you will not be as frustrated because you did not spend a lot of money on the outfit. So, if you buy your child used clothing it will not keep them from making those types of messes, however, it will be less frustrating for you if they ruin an outfit that you did not spend a lot of money on.


There is another reason that is wonderful about buying used clothing, and it is that it is environmentally friendly. When you purchase your clothing from garage sales and thrift shops, you are keeping these very good items of clothing out of dumps and landfills, and it also decreases the demand for more manufacturing of new items of clothing. Therefore, when you are buying recycled clothing for your kids, you are actually helping our environment in a very big way.

Cheaper Option

When it comes to all of these thrift shops, garage sales, swaps and much more, there are plenty of ways for you to find really cheap clothing and also being able to find free clothes. If you take a look at the price of shoes and jeans these days, you will see just how expensive clothes are starting to be. However, if you shop for used jeans, you can easily purchase more pairs of jeans, and for the same price as one new pair. Same thing applies when you look for used shoes for sale. The number one reason to buy used clothing is that it saves you money. Instead of unloading your money on brand new clothes, when you purchase used kids clothes you are able to save so much more money for you and your family.

Used Kids Clothes Are Good Alternative

In conclusion, when it comes to used clothing, there are so many individuals who would benefit in a great way if they choose this road. When you purchase clothing from consignment shops, swaps, thrift stores, and garage sales, you are allowing for your pockets to stay full and not wasting all of your money on new clothing. It is not only beneficial to you for you budget, but you are also helping to keep our environment safe. There are so many people who shop for used clothing, so they can save money, help other family members by passing them down, helping our environment, and ending up having a large variety of clothing that your children can be satisfied with.

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