A&E Clothing Expands Second Hand Clothing Offer !

Expand Your Second Hand Clothing Business

Typical second hand clothing stores sell clothing and shoes that make most of the store’s profit.  But to become a successful seller you can’t rely on what you already have. Your business should be growing and trying to keep old customers as well as bring in new ones.

Here are some ideas how to attract more customers:

  • extend clothing size range
  • offer additional services
  • introduce new lines of products

Extending Used Clothing Size Range

second hand clothing plus sizeOne way to stand out from the crowd is to offer very small and larger sizes like 2X – 5X. This ensures that every customer will find his/her size when shopping at your store. There are less stores with bigger size options. By providing bigger and smaller sizes you will be able to bring in more customers and definitely gain their trust and make them your loyal clients in a long run.

While this sounds like a good idea it has some drawbacks too. Extended Sizes can make just 5-15% of your daily turnover and they take valuable space in your store and warehouse.

With A&E Clothing if you decide to expand the size range, we will happily add some of them to your order. Many of the stores that we supply are satisfied that we provide extended sizes as an option.

A&E Clothing never includes extended sizes in our used clothes. We do offer extended sizes in separate bags in our premium clothing. You should be aware of that some of the suppliers mix all sizes together and you can end up having 30-40% of extended size clothes in your order!

Offer Additional Services

Another idea that helps your store to overtake the competitors is to offer additional services. For example a second hand clothing alteration service. It can be a really nice add-on that will help you sell items that do not fit completely.

If you have some space available you can also think about dry cleaning and ironing services. If you’re short of space try looking around for a 3rd party company that could do that for you!

Introduce New Lines of Products

Here’s another easy way to improve your sales. Introduce new products or replace the ones that do not sell really well. And this is something that A&E Clothing can help you with. As a part of our mission to become most reliable and versatile distributor we have updated our product list with pictures!

See our products!

What’s new?

  • We added few categories of shoes,  really good high heel shoes for women, winter boots for adults and kids as well as mismatched shoes that we offer at a great discount! We also offer shoe trees that prevent shoes from becoming deformed.


Mismatched shoes

  • New accessories are also available: belts and buckles, women scarves,  ties, hats and caps! We also offer large variety of sporting goods, don’t forget to look at photos,  many items are like brand-new or with little usage!


  • Household items: cutlery, pots, pans, bed spreads, quilts and blankets as well as other miscellaneous items like luggage, kids car seats, books and electronics.



There are still more items to come! Please visit the website for updates or call/mail us for news and pricing!


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