Used Clothes For Africa

Second hand clothing industry Many people in Africa buy second hand clothes sent from US and Europe. Some African countries have weak economy and undeveloped clothing industry.  They simply cannot meet the demand of providing fairly good and cheap clothes to their citizens. Used clothing market gives them opportunity to wear quality and durable clothes. Read more about Used Clothes For Africa[…]

How to start a used clothing store

How to Start a Used Clothing Store

Setting a used clothing store can be a great choice if you enjoy fashion and clothes merchandising. There is a lot of ways of starting up used clothing stores without necessarily failing your clients. This article will equip you with all the requirements for such kind of business. Which Are the Required Equipment during the Read more about How to Start a Used Clothing Store[…]

Second hand clothes for sale

5 Benefits Of Buying Second Hand Clothes

The sale of second hand clothes is booming in America, in many different forms. No longer just an industry for disadvantaged communities, second hand stores are popping up everywhere, and they are being used even by elite shoppers to find real values in clothing. Here are some of the places you can find second hand Read more about 5 Benefits Of Buying Second Hand Clothes[…]

used shoes

Is Buying Second Hand Shoes OK?

While some people worry about buying second hand shoes, there are in fact lots of advantages in purchasing used footwear. The benefits include: Low cost Barely worn bargains Vintage appeal No longer available ranges Famous designer footwear Low Cost Second Hand Shoes Second hand shoes almost always cost less than a brand new pair. This Read more about Is Buying Second Hand Shoes OK?[…]

Are second hand stores still lucrative?

Are Second Hand Stores Still Lucrative?

Second hand stores, known also as thrift or consignment shops can be a way to own your own business and make some money. With these stores thriving on the internet, it can be difficult to make a profit in this competitive market. There are some things to consider when opening a brick and mortar thrift store that Read more about Are Second Hand Stores Still Lucrative?[…]

4 things to remember when buying used wholesale clothing

4 things to remember when buying wholesale used clothing

Used clothing has become a hot item for shoppers and retailers alike as vintage styles come back into fashion and consumers become more invested in reusing items and saving money. Buying wholesale used clothing to sell can be a profitable move, but there are several things you should keep in mind. 1. Consider Your Target Read more about 4 things to remember when buying wholesale used clothing[…]