4 things to remember when buying wholesale used clothing

4 things to remember when buying wholesale used clothing

Used clothing has become a hot item for shoppers and retailers alike as vintage styles come back into fashion and consumers become more invested in reusing items and saving money. Buying wholesale used clothing to sell can be a profitable move, but there are several things you should keep in mind.

1. Consider Your Target Market

There’s a ton of wholesale clothing out there, just as there is new clothing. Before you go and buy anything you see, consider who it is you want to sell to. This is especially important if your retail space is small or you’re selling online and don’t have a lot of room to put your inventory. It’s best to focus on one target market so that you can buy a specific range of sizes, types of clothing, brands, and styles. Figuring out who you’re selling to will also help when it’s time to market your business. Here are a few types of customers who often like to buy used clothes:

– College students who want to save money
– People who are into sustainable living, reusing, and recycling
– Mothers looking for good looking, affordable clothing for their kids and themselves
– Shoppers hunting for high end labels at a bargain.

2. Shop Around for the Best Prices

There are many sources available where just about anyone can buy used clothes at a low price, including:

– Online classified Ads, such as Craigslist
– Thrift stores
– City-wide garage sales or large sales held by churches and community centers
– Auction sites, such as Ebay (search the wholesale lots section)

If you’re willing to buy in bulk, ask for a discount in exchange for taking all of the clothes off a private seller’s hands.

3. Go to Wholesale Used Clothing Suppliers for Great Bargains

After you’re done scouring second hand stores, thrift shops, and online classified ads to get used clothing, you may find that the prices aren’t as low as you’d initially hoped. If you’re looking to buy used clothing at the cheapest price, your best bet is contacting wholesale clothing distributors. They’ll typically give you the lowest price per piece, but the caveat is you’ll need to invest in a bulk purchase. Still, if you’re looking to obtain a large amount of quality used clothes at rock bottom prices, wholesalers are well worth a try.

4. Presentation Is Important

No matter how you obtain your used clothing or where you plan to sell it, thoughtfully consider how it will be arranged. Used clothing can look every bit as appealing as new clothes with a high price tag if they’re displayed in a pleasing manner. Group like items and sizes together, and consider giving the clothes a good steaming or ironing before putting them on the rack for customers. The better the used clothes are displayed, the easier it will be for customers to find what they want and make a purchase.

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