How to Start a Used Clothing Store

How to start a used clothing store

Setting a used clothing store can be a great choice if you enjoy fashion and clothes merchandising. There is a lot of ways of starting up used clothing stores without necessarily failing your clients. This article will equip you with all the requirements for such kind of business.

Which Are the Required Equipment during the Start-Up and In the Future?

• Stain remover and other detergents; the stock will need to be cleaned and if stained you need to remove them.
• Price tags.
• Hangers for displaying each clothing
• Display racks or display shelves; which should be appealing to attract the customer’s attention
• Sewing machine as there maybe repairs
• A storage facility since you may have a bulky stock
• Other office and retail equipment
• Consider having a license or a permit depending

Why Start Up a Used Clothing Store

• It can be very profitable. Less startup capital is needed and has high-profit margins.
• This kind of business does very well in a slow economy this is because whatever you are selling is affordable to low-income families and bargain-hunters.
• It offers a wide range of choices. You can have a variety of fashions from different sources in one store. You can even supply to different ages.
• The sales are easy to make especially if you had studied the niche.

Choosing the Location of a Used Clothing Store

Used clothing stores give many options on the choice of the location. The following are the guidelines.

• Determine your market. From the sales you are likely to settle where the target is.
• Get a central place where other transactions are taking place as you will attract customers.
• Consider the supplies or the source of your stock. The store should be near to cut on the transport cost.
• Consider the legal requirements and go for the affordable location.

Interior of used clothing store

Start up tips

• Find and repair only the clothing that is ready for resale
• Launder all clothing before resale
• Consider the shipping cost and used appropriate boxes
• Give discounts for those with bulk orders or frequent customers
• Consider the condition of the clothing when pricing
• Go for unique kind of clothing.
• Link with owners of such stores in different localities. They may share their encounter from which you will learn.

Costs You May Incur When Setting a Thrift Store

• License fee; simply because you are selling used clothing does not mean you don’t require a license. The fee is dependent on the location and its purpose.
• Capital; you have to stock the store.
• Using the credit and debit card transactions involves some fees and applying for a merchant account with a company that processes the transactions.
• Leasing fee or rent for the store.

Challenges You May Encounter

• A lot of sewing repairs
• A lot of cleaning and stain removal
• The pricing may be hectic
• Find the right wholesale used clothing distributor and compare its offer.  A&E Clothing is a reliable supplier for many small businesses and larger companies with multiple locations.

Running a successful thrift store is hard work but can be very profitable and reward all your efforts!

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