July 28, 2017

Used Bags


Package includes bags, small backpacks and wallets

Very good and good condition

Slight or moderate wash/wear

Premium category packed in 55 lb (25 kg) boxes

First category packed in 100 lb (45 kg) bags

Include popular brands

Used Bags For Sale

A&E Clothing collects used bags, handbags, backpacks and wallets in wealthy areas of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and then carefully sorts and packs into different categories to meet demands from our customers. Pre owned handbags are valuable addition to any boutique, thrift store or shop.

Designer Handbags For Cheap

You can get best used bags in our premium category. Sorting process makes sure these handbags have no holes, stains or excessive wear signs. They are usually packed in carton boxes of 55 pounds (25 kg) and come in many styles and colors. The package also includes small backpacks, purses and wallets. Premium category often includes popular brands or famous designers like Gucci, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors or Coach. If you're following fashion you already know that new handbags, especially hot new trends for 2017 are pricey. We help find your customers some unique styles for a great price!

Affordable pricing and decent quality

If you're interested in cheaper used bags have a look at first category items. They have more signs of wear, scratches or little stains but can still be appealing to your customers. Each package is a mix of bags for different occasions and they come in many colors and sizes. Apart from handbags the package contains also purses, wallets, and small backpacks. First category items come in 100 lb (45 kg) bags.


1 box contains 55 lb of mixed items

Each box is a mix of colors and sizes

Shipping to any destination in the world

Help with exporters inspection

40 feet container contains around 50,000 lb of clothes

20 feet container contains around 23,000 lb of clothes

Smaller orders can be shipped using courier services to US destinations

Used Bags Mixed
Used Bags And Wallets
Used Bags And Backpacks