July 28, 2017

Used Shoes


Available in many categories like ladies shoes, winter shoes, slippers

Very good and good condition

No flaws

Slight or moderate wash/wear

Packed in 50 lb (22.5 kg) bags

Include popular brands

Used Shoes For Sale

A&E Clothing offers American second hand shoes collected in New York and New Jersey states. All shoes are inspected, sorted into different categories and packed in boxes or bags. Used shoes are highly attractive to our customers, especially in Asia and Africa. Many of our customers come back after checking the quality and making good profit reselling second hand shoes. Company deals with used shoes bulk quantities all across the world, shipping to any destination ports.

We offer shoes of very good quality that have little use and no holes. We do not include high heel and winter shoes. Shoes are paired and packed in 50 lbs bags.

High heel shoes, winter boots, and unpaired shoes are available with a special discount. Just recently we have also included shoe trees that protect shape of shoes and prevent it from developing creases.



These second hand shoes are of our highest standard. Shoes are in excellent wearable condition. It means they don't have any holes, tears, stains. The sole is hardly worn and in great shape. This grade includes famous American brands and used designer shoes. All shoes are paired with elastic band. Usually this grade comes in two categories: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter Collection. It's a mix of used men's shoes, used women's shoes and used kids' shoes. Please note that all unwanted types of shoes are removed: high heels (more than 2 inches), slippers, plastic shoes, roller skates etc. 

Grade 1

Grade 1 is our best selling grade. Shoes don't meet all premium requirements but are still in good wearable condition. This is compensated in attractive pricing. All shoes are paired with elastic band. Grade include major brands and less known brands. Grade 1 used shoes may have little sign of wear but don't have holes or tears and are in good condition. Just like Premium, Grade 1 does not include unwanted types like heels, slippers and others.

Single shoes, unpaired shoes

A&E Clothing sells full loads of single shoes as well. Quality and type of shoes is the same as in Grade 1. Single shoes product is popular product for exporters to African countries. Unbeatable price and fair condition makes it a good opportunity in some local markets.


A&E Clothing sells slippers as a single category. Slippers are packed in large cardboard boxes, called gaylord boxes containing approx. 650 pounds of net weight.


Premium second hand shoes are packed in carton boxes of 50 lb (22.5 kg) that provides good protection during transport. Grade 1 used shoes are packed in sealed, 55 lb (25 kg) bags. Single shoes are also packed in 55 lb bags. All kinds of packaging that we use are specially designed to keep dust and moisture away and avoid any damages during transportation and unloading. Each single package is a mix of sizes and colors. Name brands shoes are evenly distributed in all bags.


Used shoes are usually shipped together with clothing lines products. However shoes can also be sold by the container-load in 20 ft or 40 ft containers.

Wholesale Used Shoes In New York

A&E Clothing collects used shoes from wealthy areas of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania states. That includes donations, liquidations and store returns. Company works with many retailers from North America that meet our conditions to provide high quality shoes. No matter the way of acquisition, all used shoes follow the same grading and packaging process in our warehouse.

New loads are arriving every day but due to high demand for used shoes, some categories may be reserved for long term customers. Thanks to frequent deliveries, good sources and high turnover our used shoes follow recent fashion trends and sizing.


1 bag contains 50 lb of single category items

Each bag is a mix of colors and sizes

Shipping to any destination in the world

Help with exporters inspection

40 feet container contains around 50,000 lb of clothes

20 feet container contains around 23,000 lb of clothes

Smaller orders can be shipped using courier services to US destinations

Used Winter Shoes
Used Slippers
Used Shoes Mix