July 31, 2017

Used Sporting Goods


Each category packed separately

Very good and good condition

Little visible wear/wash

All sizes and colors

Most items packed in carton boxes

While the company’s main objective is to deliver top quality used clothing to our customers, we can also offer a variety of used sporting goods that will diversify your business and attract more customers. We regularly collect:
– baseball bats and gloves
– hockey sticks and bags
– golf clubs and bags
– bowling balls
– bikes and bike helmets
– roller skates
– skis, ski boots, snowboard boots
– ice skates
– and more!


1 box contains 50-200 lb of single category items

Each box is a mix of colors and sizes

Shipping to any destination in the world

Help with exporters inspection

40 feet container contains around 50,000 lb of clothes

20 feet container contains around 23,000 lb of clothes

Smaller orders can be shipped using courier services to US destinations

Used Bike Helmets
Used Ski Boots
Used Bikes