July 28, 2017

Used Toys


Soft toys & hard toys

Very good and good condition

No holes

Small and medium sizes mostly

Packed in 55 lb (24.5 kg) bags

A&E Clothing offers soft toys of excellent and good quality. The package contains soft toys such as stuffed animals and hard toys such as cars, dolls, games and puzzles. Another category is garden toys like small bikes, skateboards, scooters, rocking horses etc.


1 bag contains 50 lb of single category items

Each bag is a mix of colors and sizes

Shipping to any destination in the world

Help with exporters inspection

40 feet container contains around 50,000 lb of clothes

20 feet container contains around 23,000 lb of clothes

Smaller orders can be shipped using courier services to US destinations

Used Soft Toys
Used Soft Toys Bags